The New Takeover and Merger Code of Singapore

Singapore has found itself to be the corporate hub of the Asian Tigers. Along with its position as a hub of corporate and other business affairs, its trade market has also been booming. Singapore is full to the brim with innovation and is home to a highly competitive market. Of course, the other Asian Tigers have much to offer, but Singapore is well known for its financial, import/export, and trade markets. Therefore, the government has made great efforts to bring clarity in these markets, as no one wants to make a risky investment they don’t know will pay off. No one wants to be on the losing end of a boom and bust economy. In this article, we discuss the New Code on Takeovers and Mergers in Singapore.

Since the coming into effect of the New Code on Take-overs and Mergers on March 25, 2016, individuals (of whom there are many) who have invested in Singapore must understand what the future of the corporations may look like in the event of a merger or acquisiton. In a world where mergers and acquisitions are only becoming more profitable given the vast levels of innovation in the market, the chances that your company could get bought out are not slim, and you should be prepared to understand and face the law, claim your rights, and ensure a smooth acquisition.

The main changes in the new legislation are those that make the acquisition process speedier, in order to ensure the continued work of the corporation. It also works on ensuring the timelines which help streamline the whole affair. Other changes, that require clarity and transparency between the company to be acquired and the company acquiring are also present, in order to ensure the quick resolution of any potential doubts.

Our lawyers are well-acquainted with the international economy, and the regulations surrounding it. In the most essential markets, including London, Singapore, and Luxembourg, our firm is established to help answer any and all queries, with an expert team which has a focus on corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions. With a wealth of experience in these matters, across international jurisdictions, we are ready and able to assist with any corporate matter, from A to Z. Whether it be company formation, corporate disputes, and other forms of arbitration and dispute resolution, we are a full practice law firm capable of adapting to the legislation as it emerges, and as it changes. As a highly adaptable firm, staying on top of the changes in law accross the globe, we are here to assist in any and all legal matters.


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