Being Prompt in Construction Projects

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2. Construction Law and the Application of Time (Rekha Panchal)Construction is one of the most dynamic sectors on the planet where is it almost impossible to anticipate. This leads to uncertainty. Employees may not show up for work on certain days, contracts ‎may get delayed, materials may not be delivered promptly, strikes, rains and what not. The number of factors that determine the timely completion of a construction project is endless. And all these factors (almost never) align themselves to the favour of the parties to a construction contract. This leads to delay in the completion of the project. The delay in the project leads to the delay in handover of the units in the project to the investors. And subsequently, lawsuits start flying all over the place.
Now, it is not possible to control all the aspects of a construction project due to the colossal number of fa‎ctors involved in the same. However, it is…

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