It opens in one tap, but a mobile App is certainly more than that.


app-softwareWhy would someone want to worry about something if it opens in a one tap and work as you required? Yes, still there are some reasons one must be responsible and thoughtful about mobile apps. Mobile apps are simply used in every day of our life. In basic, the first thing in the morning the average percentage of modern human’s touch is a mobile app when they wake up in the morning. Starting from that, to connect with families and friends on social media, to purchase clothes from online, to write down emails, book a car service, to make video calls, to pay banks and companies, and many other apps used on everyday basis. However, the legal aspect in relation to Information and technology has certain developments which require the regulations in the relation of developing an app, relationship between the developer and the customer, and responsibility of an app user. Keeping the laws in updated in line with the updating technology is very hard. When a technology update, the laws regulating that technology will be expired and new issues must be addressed with the amendments or introducing a new law only. Nevertheless, one can argue that laws must be updated according to the updating technologies.

Doctrine on Caveat Emptor is a concept that has undergone in past few decades. It is a legal maxim that clothes the warning “Buyer beware”. It is a doctrine of law that provides the procedure of liability of a customer and reasonable use of his rationality before using a particular article or service.

Mobile App and the concept of Caveat Emptor.

“Do you trust this app?”

“Please permit the app to access audio and Camera”

“Please enable the location services”

these are the common permissions we usually requested when starting to use an app. However, there is certain regulations an App developing company must follow before register their app with IOS or Google Play. Including comply with an international standard, the app developer must submit a document stating the purpose of the app, version information and much more. Also, on the other hand, the law develops regulations in relation to theft using apps, negligent on the delivery of online goods and services via apps, wrong diagnosis, and disclosure of private information of app users. However, the important question is being app users covered within the ambit of the doctrine of caveat emptor? Following questions must be analyzed before arising to a conclusion.


  1. The guidelines provided in the app
  2. The permissions granted by the app
  3. The purpose of the app
  4. The nexus between cause and effect leading to negligence.


However, the lack of updated laws to cover all the possible aspects will be a loophole and it is a big disadvantage in today’s world where technology is the basis of everything. One study mention that App store alone boasts over 2 million apps and Google has nearly 2.2 million apps. Therefore, it is argued by some lawyers that the law’s role in this regard is very important. In overall, it is the expected by the IT specialized lawyers that laws will be introduced to cover the liability of app developing companies as well as the users. Also, the laws related to the agreement between the developers and users. Read more to learn with Top Lawyers in Dubai


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